Bullsedges.com is a new truly innovative website that wants to give its readers all the latest and most interesting updates. We work with the highly professionals who have a lot of knowledge and experience in blogging. They will share their knowledge and experience with us. It helps our readers to get sufficient knowledge. Our content isn’t just for people who know a lot about technology. We make sure that it’s also interesting to people who are just starting out our website, so that everyone can benefit.

Our Focus

If you want to learn and teach technology to others, we need you. We think that the most important thing for success is passion, and that’s what we want to spark in our readers.

We talk about things that have to do with Business, Technology, Internet, Automobile,development, testing, healthtech, startups, and entertainment. We talk about both new and old things.

Our content is always based on facts and comes to a clear conclusion.

1. Your guest post content must be unique and current trends. Please make sure that your content isn’t publish anywhere else online, not even on your own blog. Before submitting the content, 

Note: Before you send relevant content, use duplichecker.com to make sure it hasn’t been copied.

2. The content should have the maximum of 1000 words. The content should also be well-researched, recent and easily understand by the visitors. You must avoid the spelling mistakes and grammar errors. 

3. People who write guest posts should check for things like correct headings, subheadings.Adding points, hints and reference link must be useful for our audience  before sending the email. 

4. Give at least one high-quality image that you can use without worrying about copy rights.

5. People who write guest posts should follow the Webmaster Guidelines when they write the content.

6. We only provide the no-follow link for your backlinks. (If you want the do-follow link, please contact us via form). 

7. Our Bullsedges.com admin only decides whether the content will be publish or deleted (based on the quality of the content). If your content is extremely good with recent updates, we will provide the do-follow link. 

8. Please write great, original, useful, and interesting content and become a regular contributor.

9. Images for guest posts must be in.jpeg or.png format and less than 192 KBin size.

10. Once a guest post has been published, it can’t be changed or deleted unless a proper reason. 

How to contact for a guest post?

We are always accepts the best & quality guest posts and sponsored articles. Contributions should explain about your brand or business to our readers, and should raise awareness. 

If you want to contact with us, please use the contact form. 

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